Welcome Back! COVID-19 Safety tips to protect our community

January 11, 2021

To ensure we are doing everything we can to keep ourselves and each other safe during COVID-19, SFU continues to follow the direction of the province and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry who asks us to, “Be kind, be calm and be safe.” Entering into a new term and new year, we want to share the steps we can all take to continue to keep our community healthy during the pandemic.

Tips to protect yourself and each other from COVID-19:

  1. Stay home when you’re feeling sick
  2. Wear a mask in all indoor common areas – masks are required on all three campuses
  3. Wash your hands: The best protection is proper hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer. Sanitizer stations will be available at any building entrances that are open
  4. Avoid touching your face, (eyes, mouth and nose) – We know that’s hard!
  5. Practise good cough and sneeze etiquette – Covering the mouth and nose and coughing into the sleeve (batwing style) is great when out and about
  6. Practise physical distancing of at least two metres or six feet from others where possible
  7. Know the safety protocols in place – Visit  SFU’s COVID-19 FAQs

What does this mean when I’m on campus?

***Non-medical masks (over the nose and mouth) are required to be worn in all indoor common areas on SFU campuses***

Using non-medical or homemade masks can help contain your own droplets and protect others, but are not a substitute for physical distancing.

Common areas on campuses include: building entryways and atriums, hallways, stairwells, washrooms, study areas, coffee shops, dining halls, fitness facilities, libraries, health centres, student services areas and student residences. People who are not able to wear a mask for medical or other reasons are exempt and asked to be especially careful to maintain a safe distance from others.  

Masks are also required to be worn when there is more than one person present in shared study, work and research spaces including classrooms, teaching/research labs and cubicle areas. If departments implement administrative controls such as scheduling to ensure only one person is in a shared space at any time, masks are not required. Requirements for mask use should be clearly articulated in departmental Safety Plans.

Where can I get a mask? 

Non-medical masks will be supplied to students, faculty and staff who provide essential services, teaching and research on campus.  

There are five mask pick up locations for SFU students, faculty and staff:

  • Burnaby - Bennett Library
  • Burnaby - the student information desk at Maggie Benston Centre
  • Vancouver - Harbour Centre security desk
  • Vancouver - Goldcorp Centre for the Arts security desk
  • Surrey - security desk

We all play a role in keeping ourselves and each other safe. Thank you for doing your part!

Access to campus buildings

Access to campus buildings is only available to current members of the SFU community (students, faculty, staff) who present SFU identification, which can include your SFU ID, business card or other similar documentation. Alumni, family and friends of community members should not be on campus at this time. For more information about current restrictions and how to access specific campus buildings, visit Changes to SFU building access during the pandemic.


If you have questions or need more information, please reach out via email to